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Press Release

Genexine attends the 38th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

- Release of clinical trial status of major pipelines, Hyleukin-7 and GX-188E
- Discussion of technology transfer meeting with global pharmaceutical companies

Genexine unveiled the development status of the major pipelines of clinical trials, Hyleukin-7 and HPV treatment vaccine GX-188E at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, the world's largest bio-investment conference held in San Francisco, the United States from 13th to 16th.

Hyleukin-7 showed potential as an anti-cancer drug for terminal cancer patients in November, when it released intermediate clinical trial data for phase 1b that was administered with solid cancer alone at the SITC conference.
This year, attending major oncology conference, including ASCO, Genexine will present interim results, such as combination clinical trials for triple negative breast cancer. Hyleukin-7, the Genexine's innovative imuno-cancer drug pipeline, is currently undergoing clinical trials in Korea and the US in combination with Merck and Roche's immune checkpoint inhibitors. Recently, the clinical indications for combinations have been expanded to increase expectations.

The HPV treatment vaccine, GX-188E, is undergoing phase 2a clinical trials with keytruda in patients with recurrent and metastatic cervical cancer, and has achieved the targeted treatment response rate early. Based on these results, Genexine and Merck decided to expand the clinical scale to 60 patients to verify statistically significant anticancer effects in a larger number of patients, In December 2019, the clinical trial change protocol was approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and phase 2 clinical trials are being conducted with the goal of conditional approval. Interim results of the clinical trial will be released by the American Association for Cancer Research, AACR.

At the JP Morgan conference, main executives of Genexine announced that it had discussed the joint development with several overseas partners, including I-MAB Biopharma in China, ahead of the NASDAQ listing.