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Press Release

Genexine will present at the 38th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

-  Presentation of the interim result of GX-188E's Phase 2 clinical trial for cervical cancer
-  The first official announcement after Chairman Young Chul Sungl has returned
-  The disclosure of clinical trial status of Genexine's major pipelines, Hyleukin-7 and GX-H9

Young Chul Sung, chairman of Genexine, at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, discloses the interim results of Phase 2 clinical trials for cervical cancer applied with Keytruda and GX-188E which is HPV treatment vaccine, and a major pipeline in the clinical phase. The conference is the world's largest bio-investment conference and will be held in San Francisco, USA from January 13, 2020.

The clinical trial has recently been expanded its clinical scale to achieve a statistically significant anticancer effect in a larger number of patients by achieving the targeted treatment response rate early.

The 38th anniversary of this year, the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is an event where over 1,500 officially invited pharmaceutical bio companies from over 40 countries announce their last year's achievements and plans for this year to institutional investors worldwide.

Genexine had invited again in 2020, just as it was invited in 2018.
In particular, this announcement was the first official announcement by Chairman Young Cheol Sung, who returned as CEO at the end of November last year.
Young Chul Sung will attend with president Hyi Jung Ji , and Vice President Jung Won Woo.

In addition to the clinical results of cervical cancer treatment vaccine, Genexine will also disclose the clinical status of Hyleukin-7, which is being developed as an immuno-cancer drug, and the height growth results of two years of clinical phase 2 of long-acting growth hormone GX-H9, a pediatric growth hormone deficiency.