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Press Release

GX-G6, a long-acting diabetes treatment, is approved for phase 2 clinical trials in Australia

Genexine, an innovative new drug development company, has approved the clinical trial phase 2 plan for the long-acting diabetes treatment drug'GX-G6' from Australia's'Therapeutic Goods Adminstration' (TGA) and'Herman Research Ethics Committees' (HREC) of the site.

GX-G6 is a sustainable diabetes treatment that is under the development with support from the Ministry of Health and Welfare's advanced medical technology development project from the preclinical stage.

GX-G6 is a next-generation improved biobetter that maximizes the convenience of patients to be administered once a week or twice a week, by combining hyFc, an antibody fusion technology of Genexine, with GLP-1, a blood glucose elevation regulator.

GX-G6 showed stability and tolerability without special side effects when administered at the maximum dose in a clinical trial phase 1 conducted in Germany with healthy adults, The possibility of persistent blood sugar intensification was confirmed by the oral glucose load test, and the results had announced by the American Diabetes Association ADA in June.

Genexine will evaluate the efficacy and persistence of GX-G6 for 12-weeks period in up to 200 patients with type 2 diabetes, including controls, in Australia.