Genexine is a growing global biotechnology company, and operates on the management principle of “TIPS”


Genexine in involved in the research and development (R&D) of innovative immunotherapeutic drugs and next-generation antibody fusion proteins. The company is also actively involved in commercializing these products. In addition, Genexine is currently developing innovative therapeutic drugs to fulfill its mission of saving patient lives and improving their quality of life.

Management Philosophy

Saving the lives of patients by developing innovative biologics.

Management Principles

  • T
  • I
  • P
  • S
A company should be transparent about its decision-making processes and the outcomes, and we aim to adhere to this principle and operate with openness. When dealing with challenging problems, we will respond honestly, based on the principle of “transparent management.”
Innovation is one of the fundamental principles of a venture company, and is important to uphold. We aim to challenge ourselves endlessly without fearing change and failure. This reflects our will to continue developing creative ideas by finding values and lessons in our failures.
We aim to grow and nurture corporate values based on the belief that “business is people.” This belief ultimately leads to identifying professional talent and growing top talents, giving them the opportunity to work with the very best of professionals.
We listen to and reflect on-site voices for decision-making to solve important tasks, and make quick decisions through discussions in the field communication between all levels in the organization.

Core Value

  • Dream

    To realize our grand dream of saving patient lives, we are earnest and passionate in all our endeavors. We also strongly believe in the culture of working together, and promoting corporate growth and development, as well as individual and career growth.

  • Passion

    We value making an effort to yield the best outcomes through passion and engagement, based on our diligence toward achieving organizational and personal goals.

  • Credibility

    We uphold the attitude of improving outcomes and reinvigorating the organization by creating a synergistic environment. We cooperate closely by sharing beneficial ideas and information within the organization and believe in teamwork based on mutual respect and consideration.

  • Positivity

    We believe in having a positive attitude toward performance, making an effort to proactively present alternatives to solve a problem. With positive thinking, this is achievable without feeling frustrated or giving up when facing the challenging task of developing a novel drug that does not exist anywhere in the world.


Our vision is to become a leader in the global biotechnology market by 2030, through the development of innovative novel drugs.

To be a Global Bio Leader by 2030

Local top tier
Bio-Tech Co.
  • Product approval
  • Strategic A&D
  • 1% Global talent grooming
Bio-Tech Co.
  • A&D and M&A
  • Commercialization of next-generation innovation novel drugs
  • Establishment of an in-house manufacturing facility
Global leading

Innovative novel drugs are difficult to make. The R&D process involves many trials and errors, and presents several challenges. To combat these challenges, Genexine aims to create an environment where every member of the company enjoys developing novel drugs and finds meaning in the experience, fostering both self-growth and ensuring employees enjoy working together toward a common goal.


  • MAR. 2020

    COVID-19 Consortium

  • DEC. 2019

    GX-188E has entered clinical trial stage 2
    of early Phase2 for cervical cancer patients.

  • NOV. 2019

    Held groundbreaking ceremony
    for the Magok R&D Center

  • MAY. 2018

    Signed a contract
    for clinical development of HyLeukin-7
    & Immunogate Inhibitor Combination
    Therapy with Roche and NIT

  • MAR. 2018

    Clinically approved 1b / 2a
    in Korea for combined use of immune
    checkpoint inhibitors in patients
    with triple negative breast cancer


leaders with
expert knowledges

Genexine is dedicated toward the R&D of novel drugs, based on its own proprietary technology. The company employs key research personnel with decades of knowledge and understanding in the development of novel drugs.

Genexine aims to achieve the challenging mission of “developing innovative novel drugs that give patients with intractable diseases a new life” and to make the leap forward to becoming a world-class biotechnology company. The company is fully committed to developing novel drugs with a passion and vision to successfully complete the mission, no matter what it takes.

After graduating from Yonsei University with a degree in biochemistry, Dr. Sung received his PhD degree in molecular biology from the University of Minnesota in the United States and worked as a researcher at the Department of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. In July 1989, he began his professorship at the Department of Life Science in Pohang University of Science and Technology and continued in this position. In June 1999, he founded Genexine and subsequently grew the company to a worth of over 1 trillion won. To develop novel drugs with “Open Innovation” and “Together Culture” as the foundations for success, we motivated professionals to develop novel drugs using Genexine’s outstanding proprietary technologies, joint development efforts with a fusion of technologies from major domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, and establishment of joint ventures in different parts of the world.

President Dr. Jung Won Woo leads the Protein Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Business and Clinical Development. She is working in charge of all clinical development and global license deals. Dr. Woo received her BS and MS degrees in pharmacy from Seoul National University and her PhD degree in microbiology from Cornell University. After completing her post-doc fellowship at Harvard Medical School, she started working as a senior researcher at Samsung Bio Research Institute and researcher at Convergent Research Consortium for Immunologic Disease (CRCID) in Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital. She works closely with various internal and external affiliates to support Genexine’s vision of becoming an innovative biotechnology company through the development of first-in-the-world novel drugs. Based on her extensive experience, she is also involved in developing the strategic direction of the company from a long-term perspective of global partnerships, commercialization, and clinical applications.

After his retirement from Catholic Medical Center, Dr. Jong Sup Park joined Genexine in March 2019 to serve as the company’s chief medical officer (CMO). Dr. Park had previously served as a practicing physician in the gynecology department at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital and as a research professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Dr. Park has been a respected gynecologic oncologist and is recognized as a renowned biomedical researcher of HPV and cervical cancer in South Korea for the past three decades. He also established the Asia-Oceania Research Organization on Genital Infection and Neoplasia (AOGIN) to educate clinicians and health workers living in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on his wealth of experience, Dr. Park oversees the clinical progress of a therapeutic DNA vaccine for cervical cancer at Genexine.

As vice president and CFO, Sung June Hong is in charge of financial, legal, SCM, investor communication(IR), and management support matters to establish advanced management systems and play the role of a business partner to the businesses. He has earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration from Yonsei University and also received master's degree in laws from Vanderbilt Law School. As a financial and legal expert qualified in South Korea and the United States, he has been managing strategic, legal, and financial aspects of various enterprises for 28 years. Based on a variety of experiences and knowledge from various companies including Arthur Andersen, Philip Morris, Nike, Schneider Electric, and recently as CFO at Handok and COO/CFO at ROKIT Healthcare, he will be instrumental to the growth of Genexine as a global innovative company leading the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.



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