Achieve mission of new drug development through R&D

Development of innovative immunotherapeutic drugs, exploration of specialized knowledge aimed at research results of next-generation antibody fusion proteins


Innovative technological capabilities are being studied and developed by a group of accomplished immunologists with world-class expertise and extensive experience in academic research and drug research and development.

  • Cancer and immune-related diseases are resulted from an imbalance of body’s immune system.
  • 1) The weakening of immune surveillance causes the generation of tumor.
  • 2) Overt immune responses cause immune-related diseases such as autoimmune and hypersensitive disorders.
1) Cancer Immunotherapy (Immuno-Oncologoy)
- Pursue therapeutic strategy to hard to treat cancers; non-inflamed cold tumors
- Therapeutic strategy
  1. 1. Restoration of immune surveillance capability in patients with lymphopenia ⇒ Increase T cell numbers with Hyleukin-7 treatment
  2. 2. Induction of tumor-specific T cell responses ⇒ Increase tumor-specific T cells with cancer vaccines
  3. 3. Overcome immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment ⇒ Maximize the oncolytic effector function of tumor-specific T cells
2) Immune-related and autoimmune diseases
- Suppressive regulation of self-reactive immune responses through immune checkpoint ligand (GX-P1) and combination with immunosuppressive cytokine (GX-P10)

Currently approved drugs for autoimmune diseases mainly target inflammatory cytokines such as TNF?. Since these drugs usually focus on the alleviation of the symptoms not on the immune cells causing the disease, there are critical unmet needs in improving clinical benefits in non-responders and patients relapsed. With GX-P1 and GX-P10, Genexine is pursuing fundamental approach to the disease-causing immune cells in which the auto-reactive immune cells are controlled by suppressive PD-1/PD-L1 signaling and also by additional combination twith immunosuppressive cytokine.


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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property portfolio of Genexine that includes its base technologies, namely hyFc and DNA vaccines, is continuously expanding to protect its pipeline of technologies.
The source technology for hyFc is based on active protein drug specialization technology, which is highly effective and enduring, as well as safer than conventional Fc-fusion proteins. The progressiveness of this product has already been proven, with 23 patents filed in 13 countries. Moreover, an even stronger patent barrier is being developed by securing proprietary patents for each pipeline, including hyFc.
The portfolio is being further diversified by securing product patents for backbone vectors, antigens, and expression vectors, which make up the bases of the vaccines for DNA vaccine technology, while also filing use/dosage patents at different clinical stages. Moreover, patent portfolio management and effective IP system are being established by strengthening patents.