Building close partnerships with domestic and foreign companies

Growing as a strategic partner between Genexine and partners based on mutual trust


Genexine is looking forward to partnering with domestic and international companies for the development of novel drugs.

Through strategic alliance, Genexine and its partners are making joint R&D investments and pursuing novel drug development research and clinical development to jointly license the developed product to multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

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  • MERCK (

    Merck is an American pharmaceutical company which supplies medicines and vaccines worldwide, and aims to prevent and treat diseases that threaten people and animals, including cancer, AIDS, infertility, growth hormone, multiple sclerosis, infectious disease such as Ebola, and emerging animal diseases. It is also focusing on research and development of new medicines. Merck is registered as MSD outside the United States and Canada.

  • ICHOR (

    Ichor is located in California, USA and has developed an electroporation (EP) based device for DNA vaccine delivery in skin which is to boost a cell’s permeability and enable entry of a DNA vaccine.


    Pharmajet is located in Colorado, USA and collaborates on DNA vaccine development between Genexine and PharmaJet in 2018. It also delivers medicine to intramuscular and subcutaneous tissue depths without needles.


    PT Kalbe Farma Tbk was founded in 1966 which is a pharmaceutical, healthcare and nutrition company in Jakarta. The Company has expanded by strategic acquisitions of pharmaceutical companies, becoming an integrated consumer health and nutrition enterprise.

  • I-MAB (

    I-Mab is global biotech company exclusively focused on developing biologics of novel or highly differentiated in the therapeutic areas of immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases. Tasgen, the predecessor of I-Mab, signed a licensing agreement for the five R&D tasks of Genexine in 2015, and consecutively another licensing agreement was placed in 2017. I-Mab is listed on NASDAQ in the early 2020, and currently conduct development and clinical trials in China for each pipeline in cooperation with Genexine.


    Founded in 1994, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical is a leading healthcare group in China, which is centered on pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D with the additional presence in medical devices, healthcare services, pharmaceutical distribution and retail. Genexine has signed an agreement to transfer one of asset at Genexine to Shanghai Chemo Wanbang Biopharma, a subsidiary of Fosun Pharmaceutical.

  • YUHAN (

    Yuhan Corporation was established in 1926 and one of the top pharmaceutical company in Korea. It has entered into various business fields such as finished medicines, raw material medicines, biological medicines, dietary supplements, household products, animal medicines, and cosmetics. It is also accelerating its entry into the global market through continuous research and development of new medicines. It has the subsidiaries around the world in the form of joint ventures with Clorox Company (USA) and Kimberly Clark Corporation (USA).

  • GC Pharma (

    GC Pharma is a Korean pharmaceutical company founded in 1969, and mainly focusing on blood products and vaccines. It is also the largest plasma protein product manufacturer in Asia. GC Pharma researches and supplies products for patients and medical staff in various areas of the health industry such as medicines, medical devices, and healthcare services.



    CoImmune is located in North Carolina, USA and a joint venture set up by SCM Life Science and Genexine in 2019 which has acquired Argos Therapeutics for immunotherapy platform. CoImmune’s proprietary technology creates individualized immunotherapies that harness and reprogram dendritic cells to target antigens specific to each person’s disease.


    Rezolute is an American bio-company developing the targeted therapies for rare, life-threatening metabolic diseases. The main clinical asset, RZ358, is in clinical development as a treatment for Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI), a rare pediatric endocrine disorder. Its pipeline also includes RZ402, an orally available plasma kallikrein inhibitor, is being developed to treat diabetic macular edema.

  • KG BIO (

    KG Bio was established a joint venture (JV) between Genexine and Kalbe Farma in 2016, and Kalbe Farma is the first biopharmaceutical Research & Development, clinical development and marketing investment of Indonesia. KG Bio conducts research and development of new innovative biologic drugs which will be produced in Indonesia through PT Kalbio Global Medika a high tech biologics factory for marketing in Indonesia and the region. Kalbe is also gaining access to a wide range of next generation therapeutics proteins, access to advanced countries such as Australia and Taiwan and greater Foothold in existing market of ASEAN and Indonesia.


    Simcere Pharmaceutical is a research and development-driven Chinese pharmaceutical company with a State Key Lab for Translational Medicine and Innovative Drug Development. It is committed to delivering highly effective treatments to patients by focusing its efforts on the therapeutic areas of oncology, neurology, inflammation/immunology diseases and more. Simnogen biotech is a Joint Venture established between BioSciKin and Genexine in 2016. It aims to be the leading therapeutic vaccine company to accelerate in development and commercialization of product in China.


    ILKO is a Turkish pharmaceutical company that has capabilities for the pharmaceutical production with the European GMP manufacturing plant built in 2009. Equipped with the required infrastructure to provide service, ILKO Pharmaceutical’s portfolio includes primarily drugs for central and peripheral nervous system diseases, gastrointestinal system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, antibiotic treatment and more. ILKOGEN is founded in 2013 as a joint venture by the Turkish pharmaceutical company, ILKO and Genexine. ILKOGEN was formed for the purpose of developing and manufacturing novel biotechnological pharmaceuticals as well as biobetter and biosimilar products and to the commercializing of product in Europe.


    KinGen Bio is a joint venture (JV) established by Genexine and KinGen Holdings in 2019. It is focusing on projects to develop bio-pharmaceutical production (CMO) and new drug development in Thailand which is targeting the ASEAN market.


    NeoImmuneTech, Inc. (NIT) is a biotech company developing T cell-centered novel immunotherapeutics. NT-I7 is an engineered T cell amplifier designed to reconstitute and enhance antitumoral T cell immunity which is the leading product at NeoImmuneTech.

  • Handok (

    Handok was established in 1954 and is a Korean pharmaceutical company which sells pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials and industrial medicine. Its business mainly focuses on prescription drugs along with consumer health care products, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics, food supplements and medical nutrition. Based on the open innovation strategy, Handok is developing new drugs in connection with excellent research capabilities of domestic and foreign research institutes and bio ventures.


    SL-Pogen is a joint venture (JV) established by Genexine and POSTECH in 2016, which is developing DNA vaccines for patient-specific treatment. In addition, GMP facility has been building in POSTECH Bio Open Innovation Center (BOIC) at Pohang for the purpose of producing DNA vaccines to be used as clinical trials and commercialization.

  • GenNBio (

    GenNBio is a Korean biotech company that is building a new drugs and bio-organ development platform to utilize the primate disease models such as organ transplants and immune / diabetes models. GenNBio's one-stop xenotransplantation platform is a master plan that encompasses the development of xenotransplantation, development of new drugs and technologies related to transplantation, and establishment of a specialized transplantation hospital.


    Ajinomoto is widely known as a Japanese food company, but it also carries out chemical and pharmaceutical businesses utilizing amino acid production technology. It is also specialized in the manufacture and sale of cell culture media used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Ajinomotogenexine was a joint venture (JV) established by Genexine and Ajinomoto in 2012, and is developing developing various products using amino acids, based on in-depth research and understanding of amino acids since its establishment in 1909. Recently, amino acids have been garnering attention as an essential component in cell culture process for the production of biopharmaceuticals using animal cell.