CEO Message Genexine,
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Welcome to Genexine

This is Sung June Hong, CEO of Genexine Inc.

Established in 1999 as an on-campus venture at Postech University, Genexine is Korea's first-generation bio venture company, focusing on research and development of innovative immuno-oncology drugs and rare disease treatments to save lives and improve the quality of the lives of patients. Genexine is preparing for our second leap forward to grow into a global biotech company.

Establishment of a global management systemGenexine has established a new transparent management system to be a global biotech company and has worked hard to create a fair and open work environment, establishing a talent-centered organizational culture where employees and the company can grow together. We do not hesitate to hire young leaders and talents with innovative ideas, and based on transparent communication, every employee has a sense of ownership and is dedicated to achieve the goal of saving lives through the development of innovative new drugs.

Commercialization of new drugs and a new futureAll executives and employees of Genexine have responsibility and are concentrating all their capabilities to accomplish the fruitful outcome of their efforts on the research. Genexine has established a differentiated open innovation development system that can efficiently achieve results by cooperating and conducting joint development with global partners. As a result, Genexine succeeded in obtaining the first product approval for the new bio-better drug which was developed based on the proprietary technology, and we are expanding to the global market. In addition, we are keeping our focus onto introducing new platform technologies and new drug candidates that will lead the future.

A new drug development company that saves livesIn order to achieve Genexine's long-standing dream of improving the quality of the lives of patients around the world and saving lives through new drugs, all executives and employees will continue to research and study and move unwaveringly toward the goal of developing innovative new drugs.

We would like to once again emphasize our gratitude to everyone who believes in and supports Genexine. In difficult times, we will meet the expectations of our shareholders through reasonable decision-making with a sense of crisis. Genexine will continue its efforts to become a company that can provide hope to patients and their families who have been waiting for our new drug for a long time. Thank you for continued support and encouragement.


Sung June Hong